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Starting large triptych

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

I have just received the aluminum sheet to paint a commissioned triptych of a wave crashing on beach at sunset. It will be 4m x 1.5m when finished. I'm very excited about getting on with it.

The alluminium sheets have been primed, painted with gesso and an underpainting of orange harmony.

It is attached to the wall so that all the horizontals line up.

Painted the basic commposition, this is the fun bit, I will be putting layers onto it every day until it is finished.

Another layer done, slightly more detail and colour. The client wants to add seagulls and we'll meet to decide exactly where, how many and size.

Added another layer to the sky and removed one of the clouds.

Another layer on sky and clouds and added position of gulls.

Refined the sky and clouds, painted layer on gulls and started detail on waves.

Nearly finished, just a little more detail on gull to do.

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