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Painting with Oils

These classes are aimed at novice artists, or those new to painting in oils. The pace is tuned to the individual and progresses in small steps to build confidence and skills.

The classes are project based and the first project is a portrait of Bethan. Once completed you can then paint projects of your choice, this has been other portraits, horses, landscapes, seascape or whatever takes your fancy.

Classes are kept small to allow for Anthony to give individual attention to each person and encourages a friendly atmosphere. Booking is required to join these classes and Anthony can be contacted here to enquire about vacancies. 

Main Points

  • Wednesday Art Club. Open for existing and previous students at £15 per session. From  12.00pm to 4pm with flexible start times

  • Art Class. Tuesday, Thursday 6pm to 8pm

  • All materials provided

  • Project based

  • £20 per session

Photo of art class

Sequence of painting Bethan

Progress of painting a portrait
Photo of art class
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